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Select Cars – Guide to Leasing a Car in the UK

The first rule of leasing a car is always to shop around. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy a new pair of shoes or you want to lease a Bentley. By browsing, whether by way of visiting dealer or broker showrooms, speaking to agents on the phone or simply looking up the deals available online, you will become much more familiar with the terrain, and the lingo associated with car leasing, and as a direct result you are much more likely to score a good deal.

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The second rule of car leasing in the UK, is to go back and read rule #1. We’re joking of course, but there is no doubt that research pays off in spades when shopping for significant purchases.

In reality, the second rule is to take your time. As the saying goes, fools rush in and that is the last thing that you should be in any transaction. Take your time, make sure that you understand the terms and the payments.

If there is something that you don’t understand or you’re unsure of, then bring that to your leasing broker’s attention, as this could become a major thorn in your side if you don’t take the time to get intimate with the details.

The third rule of car leasing is to understand as clearly as you can what you’re responsible for and what the broker or the dealer is responsible. Typically, things like servicing, tyres and so on get taken care of by the broker or dealer, but as the saying goes caveat emptor or buyer beware, so please don’t assume.

Good luck with your leasing negotiations, and stay tuned so more news and tips on plain and simple car leasing best practice.